Howdydo Gentlemen, I’m

Faheem Mohammed

A Freelance Digital Marketing strategist in Calicut and Malappuram. 


digital marketing strategist in Calicut and Malappuram.

I’m Faheem Mohammed, A Freelance Digital Marketing Strategist based in Calicut, Kerala. Who focuses on assisting the entrepreneurs using the most suitable digital platforms to expand their entrepreneurship.

I have the specialized knowledge in Digital Marketing Strategies including Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing ,Web Designing and Graphic Designing.I strongly believe that I can influence and inspires your’s business ideas.

Let us move on with the new trending changes in digital marketing….



The importance of Digital Marketing lies in the term “Digital”. Nowadays, with the increasing number of Internet users, digital marketing is the best way to grow your business and reach more people with your business ideas. In short, digital marketing refers to the marketing concept of bringing business marketing methods across digital platforms to the desired customer base across geographical boundaries.

Some of the benefits of digital marketing rather than the traditional marketing are…

Digital marketing strategies allows advertisers to accurately target audiences, including age, gender, interests, topics, keywords, websites, city and zip code.

Through the digital marketing methods we can optimize and modify our advertising campaigns live. which means that if the strategy does not work, we can immediately switch to another strategy or update that strategy.meanwhile in the traditional marketing way, you can not make changes in an ad when it is released.

Digital marketing strategies are measurable. it's impossible to measure different parameters in traditional media like, how many users reached to your ads, how many people have clicked on your ads, how many people have been converted from your ad, how much time people are spending on your website, how many pages are on the website, and how long the conversion time is etc...

Digital marketing enables brands to engage with their customers, which enables them to interact with customers in real time through social media. Brands can stay in touch with customers in real time and engage with their brand interactions throughout their business journey.

One of the great benefits of digital marketing is that you can personalize communication with each and every customer on digital media, helping advertisers communicate effectively with their audience, understanding their needs and interests, and delivering important messages to individual users, further enhancing the brand's goals.

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A Digital Marketing Strategist ,is an expert person, who have the specialized knowledge in the digital marketing tools like Search Engine Optimization,Search Engine Marketing,Social Media Marketing,Content Marketing,Email Marketing etc.
By these tools, A digital marketing strategist can  reach out more peoples into your business ideas and it will grow up your business both in the digital and physical market.


Hiring a freelance digital marketing strategist over a full-time employee or reaching into a agency is a cost-efficient option. By hiring a freelance digital marketing strategist, your business can reduce costs without compromising in the quality of work. In addition, you get payment flexibility as you can pay them hourly, monthly, or on a project basis.

Some of the major benefits of hiring a freelancer is…..

Freelance digital marketing strategists  are cheaper and inexpensive to hire rather than hiring an in-house team of employees. This is especially able for any short-term projects your company might need help with. And also when hiring a freelance digital marketing strategist, Company wouldn't have to worry about additional costs that generally comes with hiring a full-time employee, just like medical benefits, insurance, and other expenses.

Freelance Digital marketing strategist are mostly works on flexible times. We will  able to give you quick updates and edits to your marketing campaigns comparing to an full-time employee.

A freelance digital marketing strategist works in many projects for diverse industries. therefore they gaining a variety of skills, which allow them to analyzing the type of contents that would have the maximum effect for your business ideas. This is because a freelance digital marketing strategist comes with an broad perspective gained by working with multiple clients in the several industries.

By hiring an freelance digital marketing strategist, you would get more time to focus on your business. It's also helping you to concentrate some tasks that require your expertise fully as an entrepreneur.

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social media marketing in digital marketing tactics


With Social media marketing,promoting the products and services through the use of social media and social networks to engage with the existing customers and reach new ones.

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Just because your website is your hallmark on a digital platform.Therefore by creating a good website you can present your business vision and ideas beautifully and effectively in to your audiences.

email marketing in digital marketing strategy


Email Marketing is the way of Promoting the products and services through the E mail platform. It can makes your customers to alert about the latest items or offers you provide.​

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Search Engine Optimization is the way to get your website to the top of the Google rankings organically.It will help you to increase the organic traffic to your website.

content marketing in digital marketing strategy


Content Marketing is the method of creating relevant and valuable content to bring the information about your's goods and services to reach into the appropriate audience,it's an promotion as well as the brand awareness.

search engine marketing in digital marketing strategy


Google Ads refers that the paid advertisements offered by Google,which appears in search results on and other websites through the Display Network and Google’s AdSense program. It generates more traffic to your website.


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